Some topics worth talking about.

Innovation is vital in our dynamic and fast evolving world. Effective interpersonal and leadership skills are crucial to effective, happy and buoyant teams and businesses, and understanding our intercultural world is key if we are to operate successfully in our increasingly connected world.


What STIICX in Business?

Discover the key elements that are vital in leading and managing effective businesses.

Working in a Global Village

How to successfully conduct business overseas - evaluating the market, creating the right impact & leaving with productive results.

The Value of Intercultural Understanding

Understanding fundamental aspects of intercultural communication & doing business can make or break a venture overseas.

Effective Networking in the Modern Age

Networking is a key skill that still requires human interaction - a key skill that is being rapidly lost with the advent of social media

Why listen to Matt?

After traveling, working and living in over 50 countries, trying my hand at various management roles, leading various expeditions and encountering many diverse cultures, I was compelled to combine my true vocation for coaching and training with my love for innovation. My experience in leadership and management along with my fascination for intercultural differences has enabled me to inspire individuals and help businesses excel and flourish.

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Identify Your Problems

Clarify your vision and discover the obstacles that are causing you to feel overwhelmed.

Create a Strategic Plan

Prioritize your biggest challenges and determine a direction that will move your business forward.

Achieve Rapid Results

Take massive action to transform your people, streamline productivity, and increase your profits.

Here’s what people are saying about Jumpstone:

“Matt's keynote presentation and workshops 'Transform for Leadership’ aroused great interest among the participants of the forum and made a significant contribution to their professional and personal development in Kazakhstan”

David Tuganov

General Director Business Services
Samruk Kaznya Wealth Fund, Kazakhstan

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