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Why business coaching?

I've always believed in trusting your gut instinct and listening to your heart in pursuing career and life opportunities. As a result, I've lived a rich tapestry of life experiences - some by chance, some through risk and some with perserverance, but always with the conviction that this is what I wanted to experience in my life. Now I've gained the experience, its time to help others find their bearing to do the same.

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How am I qualified?

My diverse business career of 25+ years has placed me in several industries while holding multiple roles including executive coach, certified trainer and experienced leader. I have lived in over 5 countries and worked with a full range of clients in over 50 countries.

  • Certified Performance Coach: The Beech Consultancy / Association for Coaching
  • The Leadership Circle – Certified Trainer
  • Professional Trainer, Facilitator, and International Speaker
  • Global Operations Manager in SE Asia and Latin America
  • International Relations Manager: Far East, Africa, Europe
  • IDI® Qualified Administrator: Intercultural Development Inventory tool
  • BA Design Graduate, Design Engineer and Inventor: Saxtrack© and The Talon©
  • QTS/TEFL Qualified: Professional English Consultant: presentations, technical writing
  • Leadership Trained: Royal Military Academy Sandhurst
  • Expedition Leader: Kluane National Park, NW Canada; Grand Canyon, USA; Belizean Jungle, Belize; Island Peak, Everest NP, Nepal
  • Overseas Risk Management, 1st Aid, and Professional Life Guard

Jumpstone’s innovative approach to coaching

The nature of coaching creates change as you evaluate and shift your mind's perspective. Previously conditioned thought patterns take time to be reworked and innovation is a learned skill, but in tandem they can create a wondrous release to your interference, giving you the security and confidence to take a new path.
Transformational Coaching
  • Enhances personal and organizational performance
  • Raises self-awareness, self-reflection, clarity & purpose
  • Develops personal growth and leadership skills
  • Improves communication and relationships
  • Increases motivation and commitment
  • Suitable for all levels of the business
Intercultural Coaching
  • Interpret and navigate cultural diversity
  • Understand cultural influences on thought & behavior
  • Improve international team efficiencies & productivity
  • Improve the ethos and working environment
  • Examine your intercultural competence using IDI©
  • Acquire tools to compete in new overseas markets
Creative Coaching
  • Learn how to think differently
  • Generate new ideas and spark creativity
  • Revitalise commitment and productivity
  • Strengthen your brand and company culture
  • Use emotional intelligence in your communication
  • Cultivate innovation in the workplace
  • Applies to strategy, brand, R&D etc...

Customized coaching solutions for you and your team.

Jumpstone International offers a unique creative coaching service - combining innovation with a broad depth of business experience over 20 years that can resonate with your challenges and objectives.


For professionals who are struggling to focus and prioritize and want to apply your leadership skills more effectively.



For teams that are stagnant with ideas, want to improve interpersonal skills and generate greater innovation.



For businesses looking to inspire, motivate and educate staff on a range of business and intercultural topics.

Here’s what people are saying about Jumpstone:

“I have worked with many business coaches over the past 15+ years and the approach Matt at Jumpstone provides is completely different. The new perspective and approach enabled me to think in a completely different manner allowing me to gain true benefit. I believe this sets them apart from other business coaches and I would highly recommend Jumpstone to anyone in business!”

Bryan Guinn

North San Antonio Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors

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