Tackle complex business scenarios in a stimulating way.

Interactive and hands-on workshops are the best way to convey and grasp key learning objectives. We have developed thought-provoking workshops and training that combine key theory with fun, innovative and practical exercises that stimulate and inspire long after the event.

Thought Provoking
Interactive & Challenging
Fun & Innovative

The Genius of PictureSpark

Whether you need creative ideas, a strategic steer or a trusted sound board to your thinking; the PictureSpark workshop helps you find clarity and direction to solve your complex business challenges. These professional picture cards are a very powerful tool that examine your critical thinking using your subconscious to reveal the answers in an illuminating and empowering way. PictureSpark© allows any strategic challenge to be explored whether it is the overarching vision, long-term strategy, leadership, teamwork or even your own unique challenge.

Who is it for: Anyone wanting to tackle complex challenges, the pros and cons of various pathways, what to prioritize, struggling for ideas, or clarity to a specific problem

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Build your Brand

Half day workshop incorporating 5 powerful steps that sharpen your brand and properly convey your message to prospective clients.
You will learn how effectively conveying your vision and strategy through your ‘Promise, USPs, Evidence, Visual Identity and Messaging’© will successfully transform your business

Who is it for: Businesses, leaders and entrepreneurs who are struggling to convey the unique essence of their brand through their products and services

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Cultivate your Company Culture

Half day workshop examining your current company culture such as your set of beliefs, values, thinking and behavior that characterizes its people. Jumpstone’s unique Company Culture model© will examine the vision and its intended impact to its clients and stakeholders. Using PictureSpark, we will unearth pressure points without pointing the finger in key areas of Leadership, Teamwork, Values, Environment and Professional Development to help shape a healthier and more robust company culture for you to grow with trust and confidence internally and externally through lean and buoyant times.

Who is it for: Any businesses looking to improve communication, teamwork and leadership to benefit its business, its clients and its stakeholders

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Cornerstones of Effective Management

What are the key traits and best practice that make certain managers very effective and stand out? We’ll examine expert theory on a range of areas such as your leadership style, Covey’s prioritization matrix and your thinking preferences relevant to your specific management challenges

Who is it for: Business owners, leaders and entrepreneurs looking to gain greater confidence in their leadership and how to apply effective management principles in their own style.

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Intercultural Essentials for Business

Learn fundamental aspects to intercultural communication and how it will enhance the workplace and create greater productivity internally and externally. Learn intercultural essentials before conducting business overseas.

Who is it for: Any businesses, leaders or companies with diverse staff and/or operating internationally

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