Are you making your mark like the Apollo moon landings did?

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Anyone who watched the celebrations of the moon landings over the weekend couldn’t fail to marvel at the accomplishment 50yrs ago with the limited technology at the time. From JFK’s brilliant and inspirational We choose to go to the moon speech in 1962 to Neil Armstrong finally stepping off the Lunar Module uttering the iconic words “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind“. The whole period is mesmerizing in it’s audacity, bravery and success against the odds.

It got me wondering…

“How many of us know what our true mission is?

Do we know what our specific mission from conception to realization is, or are most of us stargazing in our thinking and approach?

Have we we launched ourselves into the abyss hoping to land on a celestial body by chance, or are we like Voyager, seemingly on a mission but actually drifting further and further into outer space?

The Scobee Planetarium did a wonderful job this weekend of celebrating the 1969 feat achieved by the expertise of the stellar engineers, scientists and astronauts as well as illustrating the challenges and hurdles they had to overcome …and to think the average age was just 27! Rocket design, launch pad, new materials, fiendish calculations, space suits, human limitations, monumental pressures, flight trajectory, telecommunications, unknown dangers of space, level headed mindsets; the list is endless…

In fact, the list of challenges is unfathomable – from the sheer scale of the rocket down to the minute detail needed to ensure the maneuverability of the thumb in a space glove. The point being: if they could do the impossible in the span of a decade, what could you achieve with today’s technology and connected world?

The key question to ask though is… “Do you even know what your mission is?” then…

“Do you know where you want to leave your mark?”

  • Are you on track are you to land your mission?
  • Are you maximizing the technology of the day to it’s max?
  • Are your calculations right, your projections to scale?
  • Do you have confidence in your ground control?
  • How aligned are your objectives and communication?

“There are so many areas to analyze, plan and act on, is it no wonder we’re sometimes left feeling lost in space?”

If after reading this, you realize you could benefit from a tactical soundboard to calibrate, validate and navigate your own mission, contact us to see how Jumpstone’s Executive Leadership Program can put you on the right path to successfully land your mission!

Matt Guiver (MAC, IDI®QA) is a strategic pathfinder, coach, facilitator and speaker & founder of Jumpstone International: His revolutionary neuro-science imagery technique called PictureSpark helps individuals and businesses gain insight and clarity to solve their complex business challenges.

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