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Watch Matt delivering an interactive leadership workshop at The PIE Live Europe, March 2023

Looking for a dynamic and interactive workshop?

Whether it's gaining strategic alignment, a more cohesive team or generating innovative solutions, Jumpstone listens intently to your objectives and customises workshops that are relevant and inspiring, delivering lasting tangible impact.

Jumpstone Customised Workshops deliver:

Thought Provoking
Interactive & Challenging
Engaging & Productive

Scope of Jumpstone Workshops

Discover your Leadership Signature

Discover your Leadership Signature

How understanding your leadership style elevates your authentic leadership


Calibrating your Modus Operandi

Calibrating your Modus Operandi

How to interact more effectively for business success

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Discover your Inner Compass

Discover your Inner Compass

How Jumpstone’s 5 pillars help you navigate to live your true north


The Genius of PictureSpark

The Genius of PictureSpark

How the neuroscience of imagery can spearhead your personal brand and leadership style.

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The Power of Mindset

The Power of Mindset

Understand how to adopt a stronger mindset to influence better decisions, behaviours and actions

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Calibrate your Company Culture

Calibrate your Company Culture

Learn how Jumpstone’s company culture model can help shape a loyal culture for success

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Discover your Intelligences

Discover your Intelligences

Discover how utilizing all 9 intelligences radically improves your leadership

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Calibrating your Approach to Risk

Calibrating your Approach to Risk

How we can harmonise individual’s different approach to risk

When should entrepreneurs take that leap of faith

Innovate to Invigorate

Innovate to Invigorate

Learn the seven secrets to sparking greater innovation in your business

Jumpstone offers leadership workshops around:


Goals and Objectives

Understand your Modus Operandi

Growth Mindset

Team Dynamics

Effective Communication

Brand Coherance

Intercultural Business Challenges


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Key Considerations for your Workshop

Customise Your Workshop

2 hours to 3 day events

Whether you have 2hrs to deliver an impactful message or a 3 day event with several gaps for stimulating content, Jumpstone customises sessions that provide inspiring original content that delivers tangible lasting impact.

Key Workshop Planning Questions

  • Workshop objectives
  • Type of content
  • Number of participants
  • Time Period: 2hrs up to 3days
  • Preferred dates
  • Country / Location / Venue
Our pricing depends on the number of delegates, number of days hours, levels of preparation and venue/location.

Jumpstone’s Trusted Support

Original and relevant to objectives

Researched, cutting edge content

Memorable and engaging with tangible impact

Planned and customized to fit your agenda and logistics

24/7 Point of contact for planning and delivery

Trusted, experienced and professional

Leadership Workshops Testimonials

I was working with Matt on on our European Managing Directors meetings. He was hired to provide us with a keynote speech about change-management followed by a guided workshop to evaluate the agility of the attendees to reach outstanding results. Matt was a tremendous help in the preparation of the meeting and very supportive with ideas and recommendations. The keynote and workshop was very well prepared and Matt was very focused on topic and timing. The group enjoyed his professionalism and I personally enjoyed the open communication, way beyond the original topic.
Rene Eisbrich
Lagermax Autologisti, Chief Operations Officer

Claire Smith

Avalon, Director

Suzanne Ansell

Matt is a true asset to our portfolio of consultants as well as being a pleasure to work with. His extensive background and professionalism allow him to flex to various client scenarios while still zeroing in on their specific needs. He also brings a true innovative streak through visual and practical means which adds a dynamic perspective to our training services. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Matt.
Peter Biro
Lighthouse, Managing Partner
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Most leaders lose direction with complex business challenges, struggling to find the right path and action to move them and their business forwards.

Jumpstone's proven methodology looks at the whole picture while zeroing in on what needs focused attention. You'll learn how to clarify your vision, lead with your authentic leadership and how to swiftly navigate to reach your objectives.

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