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Finding clarity and direction to live aligned to your true north

Effective Leadership is crucial to personal and business success but there are so many factors that play into it, its often hard to know where to focus. Many leaders either take a generic shot gun approach hoping to identify the key problem or focus on a topic in isolation believing solving one aspect is the key to success.

Jumpstone's proven approach looks at the whole picture so we're able to swiftly zero in on what needs focused attention to clarify your vision, calibrate your MO and identify your skills and competencies, empowering you to confidently reach your objectives with authentic leadership.

Are you a ...

  • C-Level Executive Leader
  • Senior executive in a multinational
  • An Executive board member
  • Leader of a Venture Start-up

Are you looking to elevate your leadership? Do you want to...

  • Find greater clarity, direction and purpose to reach your leadership objectives
  • Understand how to calibrate your modus operandi for any scenario
  • Understand the characteristics of your mindset and what areas need focused attention
  • Exude executive presence in your authenticity while confidently spearheading your role and career
  • Find greater balance in work and life to live more aligned to your true north

Client Outcomes





Jumpstone’s coaching translates into tangible results improving focus, productivity and leadership at work and better balance, health and relationships in your life. You will ultimately feel more confident, dynamic and innovative as a leader, operating with greater clarity, authenticity and purpose aligned to your true north.
1-to-1 Coaching in San Antonio, Texas

1-to-1 Leadership Coaching Programmes

Jumpstone's Leadership Pathfinder Programme

8 x 90min sessions over 4-6 months

  • Mindset: Conditioning, beliefs, and blind spots
  • Modus Operandi: Find greater awareness around your MO (perspective, behaviours and actions)
  • Authentic Leadership Presence: How to inspire, influence and drive change
  • Personal Brand: How to leverage your skills and competencies
  • Executive Presence: Learn how to express yourself authentically with confidence and self assurance

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Personalised Executive Coaching

5-18 x 90min sessions over 3-12 months

For senior leaders and executives who know the specific areas they wish to focus on and customize a coaching programme accordingly. This allows you to cherry pick specific areas you wish to explore:
  • Leadership Signature: Leading with authenticity
  • Mindset: Understand your values, beliefs and behaviours to better leverage your leadership potential
  • MO: Explore the interplay of your interpersonal skills to elevate your executive presence and leadership
  • Executive Presence: How to improve your communication to empower, influence and motivate stakeholders
  • Brand: Better understand how your brand can support your personal and business objectives
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One time Professional Soundboard

2hr Strategic Coaching Session

For senior leaders and executive who have a specific challenge they wish to solve. This one-off session allows you to gain swift clarity and a strategy to execute on your key objective through either:
  • Professional Soundboard: Examine your chosen challenge and find clarity to your strategy
  • PictureSpark: Use the proven neuroscience of imagery to gain swift clarity to your specific challenge
  • Jumpstone's IP: Use any of Jumpstone's proven tools to gain insight into your leadership, mindset or modus openrandi to elevate your leadership
Matt's intrepid and natural curiosity for life has seen his 20+ year career take on various leadership roles across numerous industries and sectors with a variety of multinationals before discovering his true vocation and setting up Jumpstone International. 

How It Works


Intro Compass Call

This is where we get a chance to meet each other, discuss your needs and objectives and determine if we're a fit.

Customise Your Coaching Needs

We explore your challenges and determine exactly what programme best fits to reach your objectives.

Coaching Engagement

We start your personalised coaching programme using Jumpstone's proven pre-questionnaire for context.

1-1 Coaching Testimonials

As part of my leadership development tasks, I had the opportunity to go through a series of individual meetings with Matt. Matt has a fantastic research instinct and fundamental coach knowledge. Matt communicates provocatively but at the same time carefully, gradually plunging into points of special attention and blind zones. In several sessions, Matt was able to identify and focus me on the areas of leadership development that are important and achievable for me, drawing attention not only to the traditional strengths but also to the high potential of converting my weaknesses into auxiliary powers.”
Ivan Ryzhkov
SAP, Partner Business Director, EMEA South

Lara Barnes

Sitecore, Global VP, Customer Success and Renewals
Jumpstone provides an invaluable service. Matt is down to earth and so easy to talk to, I immediately felt at ease speaking with him about anything and everything regarding my professional development. He was so skilled at focusing on deep underlying issues that were affecting my potential. I have read a lot of self-help books/podcasts etc and thought I had heard it all, but Matt always surprised me with a new perspective or a new technique to make me see things in a way I hadn’t before. I will forever be grateful for this experience as it has truly been life changing. I would recommend this to any colleague/ family/friend who wants to grow professionally and personally.
Lizette Gonzales
Texas MedClinic , MD

Marcel Hartman

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Most leaders lose direction with complex business challenges, struggling to find the right path and action to move them and their business forwards.

Jumpstone's proven methodology looks at the whole picture while zeroing in on what needs focused attention. You'll learn how to clarify your vision, lead with your authentic leadership and how to swiftly navigate to reach your objectives.

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