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I had the fantastic opportunity to be followed by Matt for six months in several sessions during which I got to know myself better, my strengths and weaknesses and how to deal with them with a series of techniques and tools he taught me.The value and impact that Matt is able to convey is enormous on both a professional and personal level. I would absolutely recommend him as a coach!


Working with Matt during 8 coaching sessions has been absolutely eye opener. He has a great ability to read people, to actively listen, and to challenge your beliefs and statements. All this, together with the tools and resources that he provides, are a recipe for success. I have gained a lot of self-awareness, which represents a starting point for my professional career and personal development. Congrats on your work Matt!


Matt wisdom and support during the 8 sessions allow me to have tangible plans. The individual sessions are eye opener, and he always share specific tools and/or experiences that you can use and that create impact for you and the teams you are working with,,


Matt has opened my eyes and gave me the confidence needed to proceed in my career. He has a great sense of your behaviours and pitfalls and with a few suggestions and tweaks you will be soon in line with your aspirations.

Darius Heydarian March 18, 2022

Matt and I spent just over 3 months together, in a personally difficult period he was able to shine a light on my professional life in new was which enabled me to capitalise on my strengths and address my weaknesses. Matt's Pathfinder model is a fantastic framework for anyone looking to orientate your inner compass.

Joshua Bradbury January 25, 2022

If you are looking for an open, honest and progressive leadership development coach then stop looking because Jumpstone is exactly that.Super professional trainers - came up with their own models try to get to the bottom of you, look in a different way to yourself, your leadership as well as Jumpstone provides you with a compass to get your life on track to really see progress. Ultimately, true leadership starts with yourself!

Pascal Ossevoort December 3, 2021

The way the coaching is done and the added value this brings to the work and private environment is extremely valuable. A lifetime benefit

Solutions Channel September 19, 2021

Matt helped me clarify several aspects of my personal and professional lives, which has allowed me to make changes that have made a tremendously positive impact on me and my work environment. He also provided many excellent resources that I will be utilizing to make improvements in my leadership skills and interactions. He is a great coach, and he is palpably compassionate toward the PERSON with whom he is working. I greatly enjoyed our sessions and I would highly recommend Matt as a coach.

Nikki Wehunt July 28, 2021

Thoroughly recommend Matt. He takes time, shows a genuine interest in helping you as the coachee explore what's important to you. Thought provoking and professional. Super flexible and able to pivot when the moment needs it to keep it fresh.

John Massey July 13, 2021

Matt coaching sessions an amazing journey started in February. Matt with his Empathy, Passion and Active Listening is able to Re-frame all the ideas providing concrete example in the real life and giving you a different point of view to re-think what you are doing or believing until now! Great experience, great person, great friend to be stay in touch with. thank you Matt looking forward to hearing from you

Stefano S. July 7, 2021

This company provides an invaluable service. Matt is down to earth and so easy to talk to, I immediately felt at ease speaking with him about anything and everything regarding my professional development. He was so skilled at focusing in on deep underlying issues that were affecting my potential. I have read a lot of self help books/podcasts etc and thought I had heard it all but Matt always surprised me with a new perspective or a new technique to make me see things in a way I hadn't before. I will forever be grateful for this experience as it has truly been life changing. I would recommend this to any colleague/family/friend who wants to grow professionally and personally.

L G June 19, 2021

Matt has made a profound impact on my life. He has helped me better understand myself which in turn, has helped improve my confidence and allowed me to better understand others. Matt is easy to talk to and has a great way of illustrating things to make a point. I truly enjoyed each session.

Serena Martinez April 7, 2021
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