Take Back Control of Your Businesses
Find clarity, gain confidence and excel in your market!
Conquer your most complex business challenges.
Identify Your Problems
Clarify your vision and discover the obstacles that are causing you to feel overwhelmed.
Create a Strategic Plan
Prioritize your biggest challenges and determine a direction that will move your business forward.
Achieve Rapid Results
Take massive action to transform your people, streamline productivity, and increase your profits.
How is Jumpstone different from other coaching programs?
We excel at helping spark innovation and transformational change in individuals and businesses looking for clarity in their business ventures, creating purpose in their vision, and developing a strategic action plan to reach their goals. Jumpstone is captained by Matt Guiver, a world-renowned transformational business coach and motivational speaker.
Executive coach, certified trainer, and qualified teacher who has lived in over 5 countries.
Diverse business career of 25+ years in several industries while holding multiple roles.
Product design graduate, Dyson engineer, inventor and patent holder.
Full range of clients in 50+ countries, confidentiality ensured and trusted testimonials.
Rapid Insight, Growth and Results
Effective Leadership and Teamwork
Novel, Inspiring and on Point
Here’s what people are saying about Jumpstone:
"My regular meetings with Matt always result in exceptional outcomes including ideas, validations, and much needed accountability. I see Matt as a true confidante and the time spent is of such high-quality, it allows me to have a sounding board for whatever is going on in my business at the time."
Libby King
CPA,CFE-CEO and Founder
Libby King and Associates
Libby King - Jumpstone
Innovate, don’t Imitate!

“Be yourself. The world worships an original” Ingrid Bergman As entrepreneurs emerge from their chrysalis with new born ideas, they are exposed to a myriad of temptations and advice to take short cuts in their endeavours to be successful. However, in doing so they risk making the biggest mistake of all – losing their authenticity! Being authentic means: Living … Read more

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Seven Secrets to Sparking Innovation!

Good news! Scientists are now providing evidence that we can ALL be highly creative. It isn’t just the preserve of a few, as we may have previously been led to believe. This is encouraging, especially in the face of fierce competition in the business sphere where we often have to tackle complex, open-ended, dynamic challenges in our increasingly … Read more

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Thought provoking workshops and interactive training that combine key theory with fun, innovative and practical exercises that stimulate and inspire long after the event.
Coaching Consultation
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