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Matt Guiver

Leadership Pathfinder, Author of Inner Compass

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Knowing your true north is a magical feeling as you’re living aligned to your purpose.

However, too many of us feel lost in the fog, not sure which way we’re going or even why?

Through Jumpstones' leadership coaching, we bring you clarity and direction by helping you discover your inner compass. 

We align your intrinsic goals and aspirations so you can navigate your leadership feeling energised, empowered and excited for the path ahead.

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Client Outcomes





Jumpstone’s coaching translates into tangible results improving focus, productivity and leadership at work and better balance, health and relationships in your life. You will ultimately feel more confident, dynamic and innovative as a leader, operating with greater clarity, authenticity and purpose aligned to your true north.

How It Works

1. Exploratory Call

This is where we get a chance to meet each other, discuss your objectives and see if we're a fit.

2. Customise Your Leadership Goals

We explore your challenges and determine exactly what programme best fits to reach your objectives.

3. Start Coaching Engagement

We start your personalised coaching programme using Jumpstone's proven pre-questionnaire for context.

Create Dynamic Impact with Authentic Leadership

Jumpstone helps senior leaders and businesses find clarity in their leadership, align purpose in their vision, and develop their mindset and competencies to reach their objectives by aligning to their true north, through:

Why Jumpstone?

Jumpstones' why is to help individuals and businesses live a prosperous life, aligned to their purpose by combining their genius, aspirations and competencies. Matt does this through:

Jumpstones' USPs






Jumpstone’s Coaching Expertise

Matt supports senior leaders and executive teams in evaluating and confidently resolving complex business challenges. He excels in providing a professional soundboard and creating unique coaching models to bring fresh perspectives that enable you to align your leadership and improve your personal effectiveness to reach your business goals.

1-to-1 Leadership Coaching

Insight and clarity to elevate your leadership performance

Jumpstone 1-1 coaching
For leaders and senior executives who want to fully evaluate and understand how effective their overall performance is contributing to the business. The clarity and insight gained will accelerate transformational growth in key areas benefiting them, their staff and their business.
  • GPS your Current Position
  • Determine your Leadership Objectives
  • Calibrate your Modus Operandi
  • Improve your Mindset
  • Find greater Balance and Success
Trusted Soundboard
Intercultural Perspective
Clarity and Direction

Customised Workshops

Tackle complex business challenges in a thought provoking, stimulating way

2015 Delivering Workshops Globally. Kazakhstan Transform to Lead
Whether its gaining strategic alignment, a more cohesive team or generating innovative solutions, Jumpstone listens intently to your objectives and customises workshops that are relevant, inspirational and deliver lasting tangible impact.
  • Range of Inspiring Workshops
  • Caters from 5 to 50pax
  • Relevant and customisable content
  • Dynamic and Interactive for Participants
  • Proven and Experienced Facilitator
Thought Provoking
Interactive & Challenging
Fun & Innovative

Key-note Speaking

Novel, inspiring with tangible take-aways

Jumpstone keynote speaking
Matt enjoys providing impact through sharing thought provoking perspective, engaging the audience to sit up and reflect on key topics such as leadership, brand and innovation.
  • Inspiring Topics
  • Fresh Perspective
  • Thought provoking Insights
  • Tangible Take Aways
  • Proven Speaker
Inspiring and Engaging
Thought Provoking
Memorable & Tangible

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Client Testimonials

Matt is an extremely professional and seasoned coach. He leverages a number of tools, methods, theories which I found extremely useful in terms of structuring what otherwise would be thoughts and perceptions. Beyond the methods, Matt is an accomplished coach who listens actively, observes acutely, and asks very pointed questions that shed a new light on dead angles, and surface deep root causes. I consider myself a rather senior leader however I have had a couple precious eye opening moments thanks to Matt! I can only recommend the experience. Thanks Matt!
Vincent Ruty
SAP, Global VP, Partner Solution Centers

Mike Hartman

G3G, Managing Director
.... Matt’s expertise, coaching style, friendly approach, and ability to guide your thinking is nothing short of remarkable and has been super beneficial for my growth.

I would sincerely recommend this coaching program to many colleagues, especially those pushing the engines to the max, and at times find the wheels spinning in their place. I have the outcomes of our coaching sessions pinned on a board in front of me, for me to see as daily reminders of who I am as a person and how that fits into where I aspire to be one day.
Suliman Gaouda
Sitecore, Chief of Staff

John Massey

SAP, Global Head of Leadership
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Jumpstone keynote speaking
Most leaders lose direction with complex business challenges, struggling to find the right path and action to move them and their business forwards.

Jumpstone's proven methodology looks at the whole picture while zeroing in on what needs focused attention. You'll learn how to clarify your vision, lead with your authentic leadership and how to swiftly navigate to reach your objectives.

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