Jumpstone's Leadership Coaching ROI Calculator

Swiftly calculate the impact of leadership coaching versus the alarming cost of high staff attrition

ROI Leadership Coaching Calculator

Jumpstone's ROI Coaching Calculator is a tool dedicated to clearly seeing the financial value and benefits of investing in leadership development versus the damaging cost of high staff attrition to the business as a whole.

Pros of investing in staff development versus cons of taking no action:

Benefits of investing in leadership coaching

Negative impact of high staff attrition

Talent development and retention
Increased recruitment costs impacting bottom line
Improved leadership effectiveness
Decrease in profits and productivity
Enhance employee engagement and performance
Overworked, stretched and stressed staff compensating for vacant positions
Improved collaboration and teamwork
Individual and siloed efforts to resolve challenges
Raised benchmark of leadership throughout organisation
KPIs and OKRs targets rewarding poor behaviour = fueling toxic culture
Positive organisational culture and brand reputation
Loss of company knowledge and negative brand impact
Increased innovation and adaptability
Company lacks competitiveness and risks becoming obsolete

Overview of the ROI Calculator

Jumpstone's ROI Calculator is designed to provide a clear and concise understanding of the potential returns and positive impact from investing in leadership coaching. Simple to use and quick to provide financial clarity, this tool will guide you through estimating the financial and performance benefits of your coaching journey.

It compares the high costs you will incur through staff attrition and recruitment fees for replacements, versus the increased staff retention and rejuvenated leaders you will experience through investing in your team with Jumpstone's proven leadership coaching.

To get started:

  • Enter the management level you and your team are at.
  • Select the appropriate salary band (override as needed)
  • Enter your team size
  • Enter your current or anticipated annual team attrition (as a percentage)

Next Steps To Leading With Success

Now that you have seen the positive impact and ROI savings that will be achieved through Jumpstone's Leadership Coaching, explore the program in more detail.
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Leadership Coaching ROI Glossary

Total Team Annual Salary

The total team salary (number of team members * average salary)

Annual Attrition (Without Coaching)

Expected number of employees to resign during the year (number of employees * attrition % (rounded up))

Recruitment Fees (Without Coaching)

The cost in recruitment fees to replace the employees who leave. This assumes a recruitment agent fees is 25% of the annual salary of the new starter (number of departing employees * (25% * average salary)).

This is the hard cost of not investing in coaching, but also does not take into account the intangible hit such as lower productivity, poor team morale, organisational reputational damage etc. as per the table at the top of the page.

Jumpstone Leadership Pathfinder Program (6 pax x 6 months)

The cost to provide Jumpstone's Leadership Pathfinder program for 10 team members for 6 months

Employee Attrition (With Jumpstone Coaching)

The reduced number of employees departing due to investment in the team and the people. This assumes that two thirds of those who would depart without coaching will now stay (number of leavers without coaching * 1/3 (rounded up)).

Recruitment Fees Saved

The recruitment fees saved by retaining existing team members and not having to replace them ((employee attrition with no coaching - employee attrition with coaching) * (25% * average salary))

Coaching ROI

The tangible return on investment through investing in your team with Jumpstone's Leadership Pathfinder program. (recruitment fees saved - coaching fees)

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