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August 2023

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Quote of the month

“The most basic of all human needs is the need to understand and be understood”

Ralph G. Nichols

This quote is very apt in today’s volatile world right now. Social media is an amazing and wonderful tool that has brought huge advantages but increasing evidence shows how it is creating division rather than unity. It struck me that is our collective responsibility as leaders to be ever more mindful of how to create unity in our goals, aspirations and opinions in pursuit of excellence.

What’s New, August ’23 ?

This month Matt was interviewed by the Leadership Circle:

“Today, we launch the second episode from our Interview Series “Transforming Leadership: Unveiled Stories”.

In our most recent encounter, we had the privilege of conversing with Matt Guiver, an intrepid spirit who has ventured across more than 60 countries, always driven by an insatiable curiosity for unravelling “how people tick”. It was through the realm of coaching that Matt discovered, in his early 40s, the convergence of all his passions.

Client lnsight of the Month

“Matt, how do I get rid of my overly emotional response?”

One of my clients was having a real internal struggle with how to change her emotionally charged reactions and wondered what the ideal emotional state should be in the corporate world. I don’t believe she needs to get rid of anything, and the struggle was based on her black-and-white approach. A healthier way would be to understand we live in the ‘greys’, and it would be far more productive to learn to embrace and accept her natural persona. Learning how to pivot and lean from her position of authenticity, depending on each and every scenario, will provide more natural outcomes. She left the session relieved, knowing she can continue to be herself while working to gauge her emotional responses to better effect.

PictureSpark: Image of the Month

PictureSpark Logo

The Genius of PictureSpark is a proven and powerful technique that swiftly unravels challenges within yourself and your business through the neuroscience of imagery. It allows you to harness your natural intuition and find true clarity in areas such as strategy, leadership, brand, culture and innovation.

This month’s image was inspired by a recent family holiday to Scotland, where we visited Fingles Cave on the Isle of Staffa in the Scottish Isles.

What comes to mind when looking at this image?

Fingles Cave, Isle of Staffa, Scottish Isles
Fingles Cave on the Isle of Staffa in the Scottish Isles.

I’d love to hear what you see in this image. Send me a note.

Coaching Perspective of the Month

Jumpstone provides a professional soundboard in helping leaders navigate their challenges both in their professional and personal lives. It’s amazing how often the conversation lands on perspective and understanding how our mindset works. We all need a nudge (me included!) in reminding ourselves to seek a wider perspective. It reminds me of the powerful wisdom shared by the late Wayne Dyer.  I remember the first time I read this, it jolted me to a standstill:

“Change The Way You Look At Things And The Things You Look At Change.”  

When you change the way you see the world; when your intentions are positive and powerful; when you search only for the good, then your life transforms into the amazing adventure it was designed to be. After all, anything and everything in life are all up to interpretation. In other words, there is no such thing as reality; you create your reality with the thoughts you think.

Quite often, we need to practice the art of seeing multiple perspectives and ask how others are viewing or understanding the problem, challenge or scenario. This opens the door to greater empathy, understanding and clarity and often paves the way to better collaboration.

If you would like to learn more, there is a wealth of resources on his website:

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Chat with Matt

We are all a ‘Work in Progress’, and to that end, I am always interested to learn, grow and evolve my leadership coaching practice. Please contact me on the links below:

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