Matt’s Monthly Skimmer (Jan ’24)

Start 2024 by chewing on life for a richer experience. Learn how to measure the impact of coaching on your leadership journey and business success with our new ROI Calculator.

January 2024

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Quote of the month:

Chew on life for a richer experience!”

Matt Guiver
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Happy New Year and here’s to a successful 2024!

No doubt the majority of you have been blasted with endless adverts on your phone on how to reach perfection in mind, body and soul! It can be overwhelming to think everyone else is reaching their life goals – just like the false veneer of perfect lives being lived on Facebook – while us mere mortals struggle with a breakfast choice of healthy kefir versus a pain au chocolat!  

Anyway, one article particularly stood out for me about a lady who went to a premier health retreat in Altaussee in Austria to reap the benefits of the Mayr method. In it she explained the virtues extolled of chewing mouthfuls of food 50 times or more to aid proper digestion. It struck me that we could extend this virtue to our lives. Today’s modern lifestyle is so fast-paced, along with the lure of FOMO, that we’re failing to appreciate the full flavour of the moment. So my New Year’s tip is to try taking a step back too, and chew on life for a richer experience

New Coaching Resource – ROI Coaching Calculator

Jumpstone is excited to launch its brand new ROI Coaching Calculator.

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Jumpstone’s ROI Calculator is designed to provide a clear and concise understanding of the potential returns and positive impact of investing in leadership coaching. Simple to use and quick to provide financial clarity, this tool will guide you through estimating the financial and performance benefits of your coaching journey.

It compares the high costs you incur through staff attrition and recruitment fees for replacements, versus the increased staff retention and rejuvenated leaders you will experience through investing in your team with Jumpstone’s proven leadership coaching.

Click here to calculate your turnover costs!

What’s New for 2024?

A new client recently asked me about the type and range of coaching services I provide. Please see below for a taste of what’s current:

1-to1 Coaching

  • I currently coach over 25 senior leaders from various multinationals on Jumpstone’s Leadership Pathfinder Programme in Phases 1, 2 and 3.

Customized Workshops

  • 2 day senior leadership offsite at the end of January in London
  • Collective Leadership Assessment for senior leaders examining their leadership culture
  • 3 Phase Leadership Programme helping a senior leadership team examine their modus operandi and better leverage their authentic leadership competencies
  • Leadership Circle Profile workshops examining sub-dimensions to enhance better collaboration

Key Note Speaking

  • Key note presentation at a CFO round table dinner in Barcelona in March
  • Leadership Presentation Workshop at private members club HomeGrown (London) in March

Chat with Matt

I believe we’re all a ‘Work in Progress’, and to that end, I am always interested to learn, grow and evolve my leadership coaching practice. If you would like to share an insight, or are interested in Jumpstone’s Leadership Services, please contact me on the links below:

Matt Guiver
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