Matt’s Monthly Skimmer (Mar ’24)

Dedicating this month's Skimmer to my wonderful mother, and understanding vulnerability in leadership

March 2024

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Jumpstone’s monthly update provides you with the latest news, coaching insights and fresh perspective to inspire all of us to feel empowered and elevate our leadership.

Reflection of the month

A mother’s love is the fuel that allows us to take on the impossible!


My mother sadly passed away in January so I’m dedicating this month’s Skimmer to my wonderful mother who was my inspiration to facing adversity and living life to the full. If you’ve never heard Gustav Mahler’s Adagietto Symphony 5, I highly recommend listening to it as it is a highly emotive piece that captures the melancholy beauty of life.

Leadership Coaching Insight of the Month

Jumpstone provides a professional soundboard in helping leaders navigate their challenges both in their professional and personal lives.

Vulnerability in Leadership

Sadly, the concept of vulnerability is still too often equated to weakness, but the reality is that it is intrinsically linked to courage. In fact, it is one of the most crucial attributes to effective leadership.

A leader, first and foremost, is a human. Only when we have the strength to show our vulnerability can we truly lead.

Simon Sinek

Vulnerability in leadership refers to a leader’s openness and willingness to acknowledge their limitations, admit mistakes, and express genuine emotions. While traditionally, leaders are often seen as strong, confident figures, embracing vulnerability can enhance leadership effectiveness in several ways:

  1. Authenticity: When leaders show vulnerability, it humanises them and makes them more relatable to their team members. Authenticity fosters trust and respect among followers.
  2. Emotional Intelligence: Acknowledging vulnerabilities requires a high level of emotional intelligence. Leaders who are in touch with their emotions and are able to express them appropriately are better equipped to understand and empathise with the feelings of their team members.
  3. Learning and Growth: Leaders who admit their mistakes and vulnerabilities create an environment where learning and growth are encouraged. This openness to learning fosters innovation and resilience within the organisation.
  4. Team Cohesion: Vulnerable leaders create an environment where team members feel safe to express their own vulnerabilities and concerns. This openness leads to stronger bonds among team members and promotes collaboration.
  5. Adaptability: Vulnerable leaders are more adaptable to change because they are willing to confront their weaknesses and adjust their approach when necessary. This adaptability is crucial in navigating complex and uncertain environments.

If you would like to explore your leadership effectiveness, Matt is an experienced qualified facilitator of the Leadership Circle – a 360° leadership tool that provides a detailed insight across 29 competencies into a leader’s perceived and actual measure of leadership effectiveness.

New Coaching Resource

Jumpstone is excited to launch its brand new ROI Coaching Calculator.

jumpstone leadership coaching roi calculatorjpg

Ever wondered how your staff turnover ratio is affecting the bottom line?

Jumpstone’s ROI Calculator is designed to provide a clear and concise understanding of the potential returns and positive impact from investing in leadership coaching and reducing staff attrition. Simple to use and quick to provide financial clarity, this tool will guide you through estimating the financial and performance benefits of your coaching journey.

It compares the high costs you incur through staff attrition and recruitment fees for replacements, versus the increased staff retention and rejuvenated leaders you will experience through investing in your team with Jumpstone’s proven leadership coaching.

Click here to calculate your turnover costs!

What’s New in March?

Matt will be presenting at a private dinner for a CxO Round Table series for a group of CFOs in Barcelona:

Matt Guiver, Founder of Jumpstone International, on the challenges of leaders in the SAP ecosystem by guiding their organizations to become true cloud first companies (and how to overcome them).

Open Workshop in London at Home Grown on 26th March. (all are welcome)

Do you really know what it takes to be an effective leader? 

Chat With Matt

If you would like to share an insight, or are interested in Jumpstone’s Leadership Coaching Services, please contact me on the links below:

Matt Guiver
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